Coaching for creative humans

Are you living a life where….

  • Your creative projects are full of false starts? One week you’re pitching consistently and the next you’re wondering why you chose this path in the first place.

  • You know what you need to do but you’re not doing it?  That book isn’t going to write itself. You can only write when you feel inspired and inspiration hasn’t come knocking in a while. You are fully aware of all of the balls that you're dropping and how much time is passing you by.

  • You’re full of big ideas and falling short on execution? You come up with a new idea almost every day and if you only had the time, money, support, or know-how you’d knock it out of the park.

  • You wanted to live a creative life and are doing everything but? You’ve got multiple jobs to support your creative “hobby” - most of them are tolerable but all are a means to an end.

What if…?

  • You could have the creative life you want without sacrificing love or money? You are creatively fulfilled. You also have the relationship of your dreams and are financially thriving.

  • Your actions matched your vision? You take action daily from a place of ease and power and can see daily progress as you crush your goals.

  • You had all the time in the world to create? You’re no longer running from your desk job, to your job at the bar, to your weekend babysitting gig. You have a schedule that sources your creative work, relationships, and passion projects.

  • You had a support system that was fully behind your creative pursuits? You feel fully expressed, supported and acknowledged as you share your brilliance with the world.

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Join me, along with creative coach, Angela Cangialosi, in a 6-month coaching group designed to get your creative juices flowing! 

Consider this your invitation to take the reigns of your creative life and start living it purposefully. Nail the audition, make the money, get the gig, let your creative mind fly - all while improving your relationships and finding balance in life. This is an opportunity to break down barriers in your way and start living the dream!


This group will meet three times a month (75 minute sessions) for 6 months and is limited to a maximum of six participants. Meetings will be conducted via zoom, a video conferencing service, so location will not be a barrier to participation. Each week, practice areas outside of the regular calls will be set to support you in reaching your individual goals.

To be considered for the group, book a possibility session with me today!