What is Coaching?


The right time is when you say so. Ask yourself: what is holding you back from starting today? What would coaching make available right now? I offer a complimentary sample session so you can discover what coaching can do for your life. Take the leap! Email me below to set up your sample session.


Oh! Trick question.  Nobody NEEDS a coach, but almost everyone could use one. Coaching is a powerful partnership that can support anyone no matter who you are or your stage in life. We take the stance that our clients are already whole, powerful people who are working through a gap. Gaps are a normal part of life that we all experience. A coaching partnership will support your journey across the bridge.


Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and professional potential. By working with a coach, a client gains powerful tools for producing sustainable results and receives support to help achieve their goals. Whether it is trying to find the next step in your career, getting a project kick started, or building stronger relationships, coaching will help you move into alignment with who you want to be and inspire powerful action.​​

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Coaching occurs in the gaps that exist in all of our lives. Maybe you realize it's a gap - you're here and you want to be there. Maybe you just feel stuck but don't know where you want to end up yet. Would you like to break out of patterns, build stronger relationships or make a shift in your career?  All of those can be worked on with your coach.  Do you have a project that you want to launch or further develop? A coach can support you. Wherever you want to go - whoever you want to be - coaching can provide invaluable velocity to get you there.