Why work with a coach?

5.  Things are going really well.  Since I started coaching, I’ve had all sorts of friends and family say to me some version of “I don’t need a coach - my life is pretty good.” Grilled Cheesus Christ, guys!  Is “pretty good” good enough? What has you satisfied with less than amazing? As far as we know, we’ve got one shot at life here on earth - why not make it exactly what you want? And here’s the thing:  when things are going really well it's a great time to start. You have a lot of capacity for growth and expansion right now. A coach will help you explore your greatness and help you make declarations to ensure that it’s not just a fleeting feeling (“riding high in April, shot down in May” - amiright?). My experience is that we’re always growing, always learning, always expanding. So even when life is great we can explore what would make it even greater.

1.  You aren’t sure what’s next.  You just did something big: you graduated, you retired, you got married, had a baby, dropped the mic and quit that job. And now what? You did that thing that you were going to do and now you get to create! How exciting and terrifying! And maybe all you know is that you want happy, joyful, fulfilling - a coach will help you figure out the rest.

Yeah, why would you? Coaching is still pretty new in the world and sometimes it sounds a little out there.  I thought so too, initially.  But I took the leap and drank the Kool-aid and I'm all in.  My life has dramatically changed since I started working with a coach.  I've started to create the life of my dreams rather than falling victim to circumstances.  I've grown my two businesses farther than I'd imagined.  I have healthier, happier relationships with my husband and my family.  And I'm still growing.  But whatever about me.  Why should you work with a life coach?  Here are my top 5 reasons:

3.  You REALLY want something but aren’t sure how to make it happen. Yet. You have a big goal in mind: a new career, a business of your own, a relationship, a lifestyle where you travel on private jets to far off islands… whatever it is, it’s big. And the enormity of the goal might be starting to weigh on you. Having thoughts of waiting for the stars to align or not being worthy? Or maybe you’re doing a lot of research to make sure you are making the right choice? A coach will help you get out of your own way, align your own stars and take action today.

4.  You’re bored.  You aren’t sure what it is, but you’re just not feeling challenged, inspired, or satisfied. You’re itching for a change and maybe you’ve already started to shake things up. But nothing is happening yet. A coach can help you identify what has you stuck. Once identified, the obstacle is a lot easier to get over. A coach will help you build practices to design the life you really want.

2. You’ve had some bad luck.  Life seems to be happening to you and you know if you could just get on top of it you could steer your own ship. But demands are high (from bosses, partners, children, family) and you feel like someone else is running the show. A coach helps you take the reins (how many metaphors can I put in here?) and put you back in charge.

And one final note: Coaching creates a full life shift.  Even if you come in looking for relationship coaching, or career coaching, or leadership coaching, you will see the benefits in all corners of your life.

Frequently Used Excuses

Coaching is an uncommon, sometimes uncomfortable conversation.  It's designed to be transformative, but it does take work.  Here are some of the statements that I've heard lately that may initially stand in the face of hiring a coach:

“I can do that on my own”


Yes. Yes, you certainly can.  You’re a brilliant, powerful, complete person.  Working with a coach, however, will provide velocity and accountability.  You might accomplish your goal faster, with greater results than you thought possible.  You might find, with a coach, that you could go farther than your original goal or that it doesn’t have to be so hard to achieve.  You might be opened up in ways you didn’t consider.  

“I’m not messed up, I don’t need a coach.”


Fun fact: Coaching is not Therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy.  The two professions can complement one another well and can be an amazing support structure for you on your journey.

In coaching we have it that you are a whole, complete, brilliant, successful person.  We don't fix problems.  We reflect what is there and help you practice shifting what isn't serving your goals.

“I can’t afford it”


What if money was no object?  What if affordability never got in the way of your dreams again?  Great.  Let’s talk.