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You’re filled with passion for a cause you believe in. You can feel it in your soul. It brings you joy, anger, elation, and tears all at once. You know that this is your calling. You realize that you are the change you want to see in the world.

You’ve got the job. You can feel the tingling in your whole body - this is it. You’re in a position that you can make a difference. All of your biggest ideas are swirling in your head ready to come to life.

And that’s when it happens.

You realize that there are a thousand other things that you have to do that are in the way of you making the difference you want. Red tape. Lack of funding. Lack of resources. Burnout. Overwhelm. Underwhelm.

It feels like you’re running on a treadmill - your goal is always just a little bit out of your reach and you’re getting tired.

You worry that you’re becoming disillusioned with the idea that you could actually change the world.



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 Get ready to reclaim your passion and empower it. 

  • Become crystal clear on what it is that lights you up.

  • Design a detailed project on how you'll achieve the results you're looking for. 

  • Be held accountable for staying on track.


I’ve never been one for already established rules, so let's make new ones that get you what you want.

  • Learn to recognize disempowering stories that hold you back. 

  • Distinguish your unique leadership style. 

  • Move forward with velocity, achieving goals when you say so. 


Leadership is owning your whole experience of life, so I coach the whole person - not just the job.

  • Create balance between your personal life and your career. 

  • Move all aspects of life forward at one time. No more waiting for one area to fall into place before focusing on something else.

  • Discover how all of the puzzle pieces fit together to create your unique experience of life.


It's time to make your own rules 

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Coaching is...

  • A powerful experience where you discover your own brilliance

  • An opportunity to dream big and go after the things you want

  • A challenge to step up to the plate even when you're afraid to fail

I believe that possibility exists in the world or it doesn't. So if something is possible, then it all is. And that we get to choose our adventure everyday. I believe that we are creative, brilliant human beings and that everyone has value to add to this earth. 

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