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You are a person with a mission. You’re driven, smart, and passionate about making a difference. 


You’ve built a life that looks good. But you’re not quite satisfied…


You thought that this kind of success would bring you joy, but you can’t help thinking that there’s more to life than this. 


You’re ready to love your life - all the way. 

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Come Play With Me


Articles, personal anecdotes, and strategies for building a successful, balanced life.


Welcome to the After Party!

Taking what we learned from the pandemic back into the world

The Wild Thing

Be brave. Be bold.

Put your own dreams in the spotlight this year.

Work With Me

Do you have the courage to create?


Let's find out together.

Raven Bonniwell photo

Meet Raven

Artist, Executive, Leader,

Mom, Coach

I help women create the big, bold, beautiful life that they crave. I help them do the Wild Thing. Because goals aren’t meant to be achieved. They’re meant to be lived - right now.

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"I strongly recommend Raven as an ideal coach for anyone willing to step beyond what is comfortable and into the type of growth that brings enlightenment, fulfillment and transformative outcomes."


—  Atiba C.

"I felt cared for and challenged at the same time. A well blend of accountability and empathy all wrapped up within her focused coaching technique."


—  Efrain R.

"What makes Raven's coaching so impactful is that she comes to every conversation with a great deal of humor, heart, and hope for the future. I look forward to working with her again." 

—  Linda L.

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