Coaching is...

A powerful experience where you discover your own brilliance

An opportunity to dream big and go after the things you want

A challenge to step up to the plate even when you're afraid to fail

I believe that possibility exists in the world or it doesn't. So if something is possible, then it all is. And that we get to choose our adventure everyday. I believe that we are creative, brilliant human beings and that everyone has value to add to this earth. 


A leader


A multi-tasker


A problem solver

Someone who get's sh*t done



Playing Tetris with your schedule



On a never ending hamster wheel of work

You find that you'll drop everything to be there for a friend or family member in need, but never seem to do the same for yourself.


You don't have time for a spa day, though think it might be nice (when you go on vacation, or retire, or the kids are out of the house)

You find yourself organizing most of your get-togethers with friends. Sometimes it's a burden that no one else ever assumes responsibility.

You've got a pretty good job that you enjoy and you notice that your colleagues really rely on you. It's awesome and you feel pressure to live up to expectations

Your romantic relationship is great! Your partner is really supportive and you wish you could find more time to be together.

I work with Powerful, Selfless Women who live chained to a planner and who are managing it all.

I support them in rediscovering their delight and ease on a day-to-day basis.

Is this you? Let's talk!

Who I Work With


One-on-One Coaching

In one-on-one coaching, spend one hour a week totally dedicated to you. You'll create projects to focus on and you'll bring weekly requests to move an area of your life forward. You'll gain clarity on what you want and get supported with tools and practices to get there.

Team Coaching

Designed specifically for each individual team, I work with groups and organizations to bring coaching into their company's culture. Creating stronger leaders who take initiative, collaborate, and support one another and produce big results!


In this four hour workshop, discover your Essence, name your life's Purpose, and plan the next year of your life from an empowered place. 

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