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Standing on Cliff's Edge

You’re ready to love your life

all the way.

Have you ever thought


“I should be more grateful.” 

“I should be happier because I’ve built this great life.” 



I get it. We work and work and work to climb the mountain and when we get to the top, we can get caught in the clouds - unable to see the view. 


You want to find the joy, the ease, the peace. You worry that in order to discover it, you’ll have to compromise the rigor, drive, and excellence that has gotten you this far. 


Compromise isn’t an option. Creating a fulfilling life without compromising what’s important.


If you’ve made it this far down the page, it tells me that you’re restless and ready for something more. 


So many women in leadership feel like they’re faking it. They’ve reached a point in their growth that they feel like everyone can tell - they’re faking their leadership, their happiness, their commitment…

What’s the outcome you want to see?


Street cred - My clients are ending world hunger.

I can help.

More calls to action.


I’m Raven.

I work with women who are really great at what they do. They’re already powerful women, and I help them become more powerful creators. 

That's why every great leader needs a coach.

Are you ready to find your courage to create?

My clients inspire me. They are noticeably making an impact in their communities while delighting in the day to day. 


They find the courage to do what they’ve been putting off for years. 


They’ve started businesses, landed dream jobs, quit the boring jobs, gone on adventures, created more time with their families, and moved across the country. They’ve created teams that support them, schedules that they’re excited to wake up for, and the money to make it all happen. 


Maybe most importantly, my clients go on a life long adventure to discover themselves. 


When closing a session, my client aptly pointed out “I feel like I’ve just met myself again - and I like her.” 


Are you ready to meet yourself again? To embrace your greatness?


It starts now.  Schedule your discovery session today.

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