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"It is rare to find a leader who is willing and able to bring so much heart, power, and play to their leadership. I’m always in awe of Raven’s ability to paint a vision of excellence and then empower her team to leverage their unique strengths to get there. She does so with the tact of coach and the precision of a strategist. And of course... she’s sure to keep us all laughing along the way! Raven would be an asset to any client, team, or organization!"


—  Sebastian L.

"Raven is thoughtful and caring in her approach. Her coaching style is one that elicits the best in others. I felt cared for and challenged at the same time. A well blend of accountability and empathy all wrapped up within her focused coaching technique. I highly recommend you give yourself the opportunity to be coached by an individual who cares and will align herself to your life's best. As for her coaching skills and talents. She definitely gets a "5 Star" rating from me. I definitely know. She coached me and I will never be the same because of it."


—  Efrain R.

“I knew what I wanted from my career, but I wasn't sure what I needed to do to get there.  Raven helped me navigate the next steps, the obstacles, and the hesitation that comes from prioritizing yourself and your goals.”​


— Kerry M.

"I had the pleasure of being coached by Raven for an entire year which was the launching pad for a rippling effect of breakthroughs and accomplishments in my life for the last year and half. Raven always stood for my greatness however I showed up to my calls whether it was with self-doubt or beating myself up for not being further than where I wanted to be. Her calming, soothing nature always made me feel safe to have the vulnerable conversations. With such grace, love, she held me accountable for the things I wanted to create in my life. Raven maintains a level of professionalism and integrity that is truly to be admired. I would recommend Raven to anyone looking for Coach to their life to the next level full purpose and possibilities!"

—  Dionne N.

—  Linda L.

Raven was my coach as I figured out some big-picture direction questions. Raven is insightful, generous, and passionate. Her guidance brings you where you need to be while also letting you lead the conversation. She asks tough questions and isn't afraid to press you just enough to confront the answers. Her feedback and advice is specific to each situation and she truly gets to know you as she guides you. What makes Raven's coaching so impactful is that she comes to every conversation with a great deal of humor, heart, and hope for the future. I look forward to working with her again." 


—  Linda L.

"I started working with Raven about a year ago and can’t imagine having the clarity of purpose I now possess without having had the benefit of her nurturing spirit, integrity and professionalism. As my coach, Raven held space for me to test drive new roads and partnered with me as I shifted my energies toward moving my life forward and step more fully into my purpose. She challenged me to move beyond just “seeing” my potential and partnered with me as I worked to create a life that allowed me to embrace the types of joy that I had denied myself. Raven helped me generate action steps and support mechanisms that empowered me to “activate” gears that I had turned off. Working with Raven stands as one of my most prized experiences. I strongly recommend Raven as an ideal coach for anyone willing to step beyond what is comfortable and into the type of growth that brings enlightenment, fulfillment and transformative outcomes."


—  Atiba C.

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