I moved to DC to be an actor. I was passionate about theatre and couldn't imagine myself doing anything else in life. I had a direction and I was going to go for it. I was also fairly realistic and knew that I was going to need to make money to support myself while I was trying to "make it" as an actor.

I started accumulating part time jobs until I had both flexibility and rent money. I was really good at creating side hustles and was proud of the fact that I had really figured out the grind. What I didn't consider is how exhausted I'd be. I had seven jobs. None of them were acting. I was too tired to audition or take a gig. I wasn’t being very intentional with my time.

And, here's the thing. I knew it wasn't going to end. I was 27 and had just met the love of my life and knew that a career in theatre was not what I wanted for our future. I'd just met an older, successful, professional actor who was cast all year long and who still had to temp during the day to make a living. I had nothing saved for retirement and no plan for ever being able to retire. I had credit card debt. I wanted to travel and couldn't see how that would ever be possible. The life that I was on track for was going to be brutal. I was bummed and felt that this harsh reality of my dreams was betrayal.

And that was when my future husband introduced me to a friend of his that was a life coach. I'll admit, I had no idea that such a profession existed at the time. She was fun, passionate, and creative and she talked to me about a life of possibility. I wanted that possibility and I started to figure out how to get it.

I had this awesome vision of my life - being my own boss, choosing my hours, taking auditions when I wanted, and having the means to travel. My partner and I started dreaming together of the life we would live.

I knew that this is what I wanted and, since I don't do things half-assed, I knew I wanted the best, most intensive program there was. And it was expensive. More money than I made in a year. I had been living the starving artist lifestyle for years.


It wasn't going to come easy, but my tenacity kicked in. We started figuring it out because I knew that my awesome life was on the other side of this big, exciting, and frankly, terrifying moment. 


I can't say that everything changed overnight. This is all still a journey. I'm still learning and practicing, but I can see how far I've come. I now have a coaching business of my own where I work with powerful women to rediscover passion and delight in life. I believe in this work so much that I am a program coach with Accomplishment Coaching where I'm learning to train new coaches. I also run my own theatre company here in DC and it's going really well! I've been able to incorporate the coaching and leadership skills that I've developed there too. I see it as a "both/and" with theatre and coaching rather than an "either/or". I married that guy I mentioned earlier and I love every moment I spend with him. Life is good and full and fun.