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There's something stirring in your soul.

A feeling that you can't shake. An itch that you haven't scratched. A calling for something more.

Something Expansive. Exciting. Risky. Groundbreaking. Legacy making. 

You’ve written it off as impossible, a pipe-dream, a waste of time. You should be happy with what you have - With what you’ve created. Life is already good. 


But it feels like you’re settling.


You’re standing at the edge of extraordinary. You’ve just got to jump.

Are you ready to do the Wild Thing?

You’re living the life you thought you wanted. You worked hard for it, after all. Climbed the ladder, towed the line, followed the rules. You have a high tolerance for stress, and maybe you don’t even notice it so much anymore. You’ve established yourself as the go-to person. You’re trustworthy, efficient, and you can probably handle anything. 


It’s all becoming routine. To keep on keeping on. Round and round, day in and day out. You wonder if there isn’t something more… exciting? Fulfilling? 


If you could wave a magic wand, you’d quit your job and move to Bali. Or you’d write that book. You’d have a baby. You’d travel around the world. You’d start your own business. You’d run for office.


But, until now, you thought that the magic wand was a fairytale.


This is your opportunity to move from doing the “right” thing to doing the WILD thing. 

During the program, you’ll have access to: 

  • Project design tools to create a detailed roadmap to fulfill on your Wild Thing.

  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions to explore successes and blocks as well as introduce new concepts and skills.

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions.

  • Customized practices to move toward your Wild Thing with velocity.

  • Regular co-working sessions for community and accountability.

  • A cohort of leaders who are also working on their Wild Thing.

  • Private online forum for support and brainstorming.

  • Monthly masterminds for brainstorming and workshopping great ideas

  • Illumination events - speakers, workshops, and discussions to support your goals.

Your journey begins now - apply today.


Put your own dreams in the spotlight this year to create the life that you yearn for.

Embark upon a 6-month journey with a group of like-minded powerhouses to discover what it takes to do the Wild Thing. You will learn to get your needs met, balance the have-to’s and the want-to’s of life, and embrace yourself as a powerful leader with the capability to have it all. 

  • Learn coaching and leadership tools designed to get you out of your own way and powerfully into action

  • Identify where you overcommit and practice saying “no”

  • Discover what sufficient support looks like for you 

  • Empower your inner leader and utilize those skills everywhere in life 

  • Do the WILD THING!

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