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A 50 Hour Work Week Now Does Not Lead to a 20 Hour Work Week Later

It’s easy to think that over working now will lead to more freedom later.

We often think we’ll pay our dues, be there for everybody, and climb that ladder so that eventually we’ll get the right promotion and take our foot off the gas. But it doesn’t work that way!

We condition ourselves and the people around us to expect things to always be the way they are now. Here are a couple scenarios to consider:

1.) We over exert ourselves for our job. We’re on call at all times, and no matter what the situation is, we’ll get it all done. Then we get promoted to a new job with a new paycheck. As soon as we try to reap the benefits of our newfound flexibility, what do we hear (from others and in our own minds)? “You were promoted because you’re such a hard worker. This is what is expected from you.” You’ve sold yourself as a 50 hour a week worker. You’ve conditioned the people around you.

2.) You’re an entrepreneur. You put your business before your wellbeing so that you can make it as successful as possible. When business starts to pick up, you’re unable to step away from it because you feel like you’re missing something. You’ve set up your business so that you are always on call with your clients. You’ve conditioned yourself.

Practice conditioning yourself and the people around you for the life that you truly want to live. Build habits now that take the form of they way you want things to be. Don’t think that by sacrificing your values and wellbeing now, you’ll be able to prioritize them later.

Originally published on Linked-In


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