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Just Managing

Do you feel like you’re just managing everything?

You’ve put a lot of effort into making that big life that you want. From the outside, it looks like nothing is missing. You’ve been climbing the ladder and you’ve got a successful career. You’ve got the loving family, the amazing spouse, and good friends.

You have all these boxes checked off, but everything feels scattered and it all feels like a lot of work to keep up with. It takes work to organize and maintain this kind of lifestyle. Shouldn’t it feel liberating to have all of this? It isn’t exactly what you thought it was going to be, is it?

You are not alone. I know this feeling. I experience it all the time.

I am a person that loves doing a lot of things. I am in theatre and I’m a coach. I have a pretty solid network of friends. My relationship is great, my parents are awesome, my in-laws are lovely. Everything is outwardly working well, but it’s a constant schedule to keep up with.

How long has it been since I’ve seen that friend? We’ve got to get something on the calendar… let’s have a game night or something! Things have gotten busy and date nights with my husband have gone out the window… let’s go out on Thursday. We’re going to have a good time! What else am I forgetting… I know I’m forgetting something…

Hold on. Stop. Take a moment to breathe.

You and I are just alike. We both share this experience. So here’s what we really need to do. Put down the planner for just a second and remind yourself to have fun. That’s it! Just enjoy this.

This is the life that you wanted, and you’ve got it. You really love the people around you. Stop classifying everything as “work” and remember that you are a success right here and now.

Originally Published on Linked In


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