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Saving the fun for Summer

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I don’t know about you, but summer is my favorite time of the year. For those three amazing months I feel like I’m thisclose to the pipe dream of living life like I am on vacation. I’m precious about my working hours, I’m efficient and direct, I’m purposeful about creating adventure and fun every single week. I’ve half-joked that the summer is what gets me through the rest of the year.

When I think about it though, I’m not sure why I’m only living like that for a quarter of the year. What if every season was lived like I live in the summer?

This year, we’re a busy family over here - my husband is teaching summer Shakespeare camp through mid-July and is taking on a new job in August. I’m finishing up a marathon coaching project at the end of June, planning We Happy Few’s re-entry into live theatre (and 10th anniversary season!), producing a podcast, and enrolling for a new group. With schedules going every which way, I realized that my family has about 3 weeks to get our “summer fix.”

I was resigned to this when I first realized it.

“Oh well, it won’t always be this way,” I told myself. “One day, we’ll get our shit together and have that best summer schedule ever.”

And then I started writing this and RECORD SCRATCH ---

Why in the world am I only living my life by design in the summer? What has me waiting to be efficient and direct? How come I only stand for the elusive work/life balance between June and September?

Huh? I champion “Life by Design” and here I am designing my life around a few months of warm weather.

I’ve talked to a lot of clients lately who have a dream that goes something like this --

I’d like to live by the water. Things would be peaceful and serene and fun and adventurous.

I’d wake up when I want to and take a rejuvenating yoga class to start the day. Then, I’d leisurely have my coffee as I look out over the ocean (or lake, or river, or bay).

I’d feel inspired to get something creative done, so I’d work on the book I’m writing (or take some time to paint, or make some connection calls for the business I’m starting).

When I’m done, I’ll make myself a healthy lunch and sit outside on the front porch for a while, breathing in the fresh air. After that, I’d take a nice long walk and enjoy the scenery.

In the evening, I might have a glass of wine while I make dinner, or I might go out with friends.

Life is even, and easy, and joyful.

Ahhh yes, bliss, right?

Me too! I want that! And, amazingly, I do make that happen for myself a couple of weeks a year, usually in July and August. But we’re talking about living all of life like we’re on vacation.

Although it seems like the answer to that conundrum is moving to the beach, it isn’t that simple. The beach can fall right into your old habits that you have wherever else you live.

“But at least I’ll have a beautiful view!” you say.

And will you stop there? With the compromise of a beautiful view that will likely, over time, become just part of the scenery?

For me, I’m declaring to live the whole year like it’s vacation. Choosing what I want, when I want and empowering the crap out of all of it. I see it as an opportunity to discover more about who I am and what I need and to really relish the present moment.

Will you join me?


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