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How to stay informed: A joyful practice

I’ve stopped listening to the news and NPR.

I know this may seem extreme, or even downright irresponsible, but if joy is going to be a priority in my life, I had to find another way to stay informed. I’ve always enjoyed NPR and I’m glad that they exist, but when I spend hours of my day listening to people talk about the state of the country, even in a thoughtful and well informed way, I get really anxious and stressed out. So I just plain stopped listening.

If you are someone who feels weighed down by what’s happening in the world, what are some other less pervasive ways that you can stay informed?

It may only take a few minutes of focused time per day to get the updates from a trusted news outlet. Or perhaps you can take some time once a week to get caught up on how things have been developing. Be intentional about the way you let stressors into your daily life.

Remember that not everyone feels bogged down by listening extensively to current events media. My husband, for instance, finds it helpful and charging to keep the stream coming. So, I’ve enrolled him in keeping me up to date in a way that won’t ruin my day. He knows me well enough to know what’s important to me and when it would be better to wait a day or two to bring something up.

Don’t let shame or guilt come into the picture when it comes to nourishing joy in your life! The world needs you to be your best and brightest self, so be joyful! Find ways to stay engaged that don’t prevent you from living your life from a joyful place.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Originally published on Linked-In


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